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27 november 2015
Dag van de landbouw
21 september 2014
Eitjes bij het ontbijt, boterhammen tijdens de lunch, tussendoor een stukje fruit en ’s avonds een heerlijk stukje vlees met aardappelen en groenten. We staan er bijna niet meer bij stil dat een groot deel van wat we eten van de boerderij komt. Land- en tuinbouwers zijn dag in dag uit bezig met de productie van kwaliteitsvol voedsel.

Wil je weten hoe het allemaal in zijn werk gaat? Kom dan naar de dag van de Landbouw op zondag 21 september.
Students from the Sint-Albertus College of Haasrode visited the site
April, 30th 2014
The third-year students of the Sint-Albertus College visited the installations of Guilliams Green Power. Werner Guilliams showed the youngsters round and taught them about energy generation though the combustion of biogas and useful applications of the released residues when producing biogas.
The interested youngsters also had the opportunity to visit the neighbouring pig fattening farm of father Guilliams.
March, 8th 2014
With respect for nature, the future bio engineers came to Boutersem by bicycle. The ultimate aim of the trip was a visit to the biogas plant of Guilliams Green Power.
Werner and Rohald Guilliams are committed to a good cooperation with the education sector. Education and training always have to be closely intertwined with the business community. For this reason, the doors of our company are wide open to teachers and students from different educational institutions (secondary and higher education) from the region.
PROBUS Club Pajottenland region - Heyde: A surprising encounter with the production of biogas
February, 18th 2014
The group was welcomed with a warm cup of coffee in the reception room of the GGP. After the welcome speech of the director Werner, thirty pensioners of Probus went out for a educational walk on the company site. It was surprising news for most of them to see that the generation of electricity by the combustion of biogas and the production of high quality organic soil improvers can go hand in hand.