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Our company

The activities of Guilliams Green Power focus on:

      1. Producing a high quality soil improving product, suitable for all kinds of agricultural and horticultural applications,
      2. Combining this with an optimal electricity generation through the combustion of biogas (green electricity).

We do this through the anaerobic digestion of manure, energy crops, vegetable, fruit and garden waste, organic biological waste, animal by-products, agriculture related waste and secondary raw materials. Here we produce digestate on the one hand and biogas on the other hand.

The biogas is used for the generation of energy and serves as a substitute for fossil fuels. The generated electricity is then injected into the grid through a transformer. The produced heat is used in our own combustion plant for several purposes. The digestate is separated into a thin and thick fraction, which is then dried and transported to processors or is brought onto the land, in accordance with the regulations of the Manure Decree.

Guilliams Green Power is young, dynamic, innovative and we are committed to sustainable business.

Together with his two brothers, Reinout and Ruben, and his father Werner, Rohald Guilliams is responsible for the operating activities of the company.


What do we process?

Guilliams Green Power processes vegetable and animal waste and manure.

      • Vegetable products such as vegetable fat, sugar water, coffee husks, ...
      • Agriculture related waste such as carrot peels, onion peels, soy peels, energy maize, ...
      • Animal by-products such as stomach and intestinal contents, animal fat,…
      • Liquid pig manure with the issue of a processing certificate

Acceptance protocol waste streams on the site of Guilliams Green Power

To comply with the legislation, there is an acceptance protocol at force when offering products for processing on the site of Guilliams Green Power.
Each supplier will be asked to first read, complete and sign the supplier agreement in the attachment.
You download this agreement below.

What do we offer?
Raw digestate
Compost of thick fraction
Guilliams Green Power guarantees a well-considered processing of the supplied organic waste. We are independently inspected and are certified for the quality of our products by VLACO (Flemish compost organisation).

Average composition of the finished products GGP P